sakkara memphis dahshur from cairo airport

Pick up from Cairo airport. Tour Sakkara, the step pyramid complex, Imhotep museum, the nobles tombs, Tour Memphis, the open-air museum, the colossus of king Ramses II, the Alabaster Sphinx, Tour Dahshur, the red pyramid, and the bent pyramid. Transfer you back to Cairo airport.


Our tour guide will pick you up from Cairo airport and assist you with airport formalities and visa.

Start the trip to Sakkara with your private tour guide from Egypt Mo Tours. Start the tour with a visit to Imhotep museum. Imhotep is the architect who built the step pyramid for king Djoser. The man was genius and very important to his king. Continue our tour to the step pyramid complex to see the pyramid itself which is the tomb of king Djoser, the southern tomb, the house of the south, the house of the north, and watch the Dahshur pyramids from a distance. Proceed within Sakkara sites to the nobles tombs to see the tomb of Ka-gemni, and get inside the pyramid of king Titi.

Visit Memphis the ancient capital city, as well as visit the open air museum of Memphis to see the colossus of king Ramses II and the Alabaster Sphinx. Continue the tour to Dahshur to see the bent pyramid and get inside the Red pyramid.

Transfer you back to the airport.

Drop you off at Cairo airport.